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MemoRive SLIM
MemoRive PRO+


Confirm the Version of MemoRive, before download.
(For PRO and PRO+, same Drivers and Utility are to use...!)

Device Driver Software for Windows 98 or Windows 98se (Install File) LINK1 LINK2
Device Driver Software for Windows 98 or Windows 98se (INF-File) LINK1 LINK2

How to Install

Install File
  1. Save the Install-File on some folder and decompress it.
  2. Run install.exe with double click of your mouse on it.
  3. Plug MemoRive PRO into USB port and then automatically recognize your new removeable disk of MemoRive and appear new Drive.
  4. If you have any problem, use INF-File, about that describ below, how to install.
  1. Save the downloaded INF-File on some folder of your computer and decompress it.
  2. Find "MemoRive PRO" on Device Manager and update new Driver.
  3. You can manually define the drive path on that folder, you decompress.
  4. You can use MemoRive after "Database Update"
  5. If you have any problem, open "registry editor" with "REGEDIT"-Typing on StartDelete the Item of "My Computer

Partitioning & Security Program LINK1 LINK2

How to use Partitioning and Security Program

  • Download and the software and save it.
  • Plug Memorive PRO into USB port and let your computer recognize the removeable disk, and then run the downloaded program.
  • #Caution: All Data will be erased by changing partition size or formatting it in low level.
  • Click "Configure the protected area" and set the size of the protected area in right side.
  • Click "O.K." after input your password and confirmation.
  • Replug your Memorive into USB port, and then apply the new Setting.
  • You can find two disk drive, the one ist unprotected and the other protected. If you access the protected drive, you have the alet messege of "Insert Disk", because you didn't confirm the password.
  • If you will access the protected area, run the program and click Un-lock the protected area and insert the right password.
  • If you will erase the protected area, resize the partition of protected area in "Configure window"(Caution:Data lost)
  • If you will access the protected area in any another PC's, you can copy this program in unprotected are, and run it.
  • Format Program LINK1 LINK2

    How To Use

  • Down load and save it.
  • Plug Memorive PRO into USB port and let it recognize.
  • Select the formation option and click start-button.
  • On win98, you can it bootable.

  • Menufacture Program LINK1 LINK2

    How to Use

  • Down load and decompress, then run TESTAP.
  • Press Setting(f3), and click IMPORT-button.
  • Select file 1325.ini in your decompressed folder.
  • click SAVE button.
  • Plug Memorive into usb port. and wait for ca. 5 seconds.
  • Press F1 to recognize the MemoRive and confirm the size of memorive.
  • Press F2 to run the initialize program.
  • if it change green block, it means O.K. to initialize. if it change red block, it means fail, you must send it to us and let it repair.
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