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MemoRive SLIM - Introduce

It's time to Say Ahhh....!

Congratulation on the choice of the most comfortable USB Flash Drive for your data transfer! It's time ti SAY Ahhh! From the first plug-in, the MEMORIVE USB Flash Drive Series of SLIM fits. It fits every definition of security, no matter what kinds of Operation System you may have. It fits every computer of opportunity, no matter how big your data may be.


It is a perfect device to transfer documents, images, MP3's or any other files. Download the device drive for windows 98 and the utitlies from our download site.


  • Never disconnect MEMORIVE SLIM while the status LED blinks. It indicates data may be transfered. If you mistakenly did it, the data in MEMORIVE SLIM might be corrupted. In this case you need to format it again.
  • You must unmount MEMORIVE SLIM for each operating system. To properly disconnect MEMORIVE SLIM from Microsoft Windows ME, 2000, XP or 2003, you must click on the icon of USB mass storage device in the windows system tray.
  • BMK Technology Co., LTD. bears no responsibility for the loss of data due to your incorrect use of MEMORIVE SLIM.
  • The word MEMORIVE is registered as a Trade Mark of BMK Technology Co., LTD. in Corea and another jurisdictions.
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