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MemoRive SLIM
MemoRive PRO+

Outline of Product

MemoRive USB is a USB Flash Disk Drive which can conveniently process, transfer and store files.
The brand name of "MemoRive USB" is made of a compound word of Memory and Drive and a suffix of USB that is to say, means "storage with the USB interface."

Cute, stylish, high quality and practical MemoRive USB can be carried conveniently any time and anywhere and also installed to the USB Port as well as used with general hard disks together without any special device drive installation or batteries or power supply. Considering transportability, MemoRive USB was designed not be damaged by the weight of being trod by a foot or passing by of a car.

New Product

MemoRive PRO+ which came to the market in January, 2005 has been improved from 128M, 256M and 512M to 1GB. We look forward to your interest in and love for the product.

When you forget the password after password setup, there is no way to solve the password. You are absolutely requested to remember the password. In order to forcibly solve the password, low format should be performed in the application utility. All data are supposed to be removed with format.

Specification & Features

  • Standard : USB Spec. 2.0 (USB Spec. 1.1 Compatible)
  • Operating System : Windows ME/2000/XP, Mac Os 9.1/X, Windows 98SE, Above Linux 2.4. xx
  • Transfer Rate : Read ?8MB (Max) / Write ?6MB (Max.)
  • Power Supply : USB Power
  • Storage Weight : 7.7g
  • Product Capacity : 32B?1GB
  • Product Color : Gold
  • Manufacturer : BMK Technology Co., Ltd.

Multi-Partition Function

Various partition separation can be made into the general and security area or two general area and security area and the embedded partition management program can enable much easier partition.

Security Partition Cryptographic Function
Cryptographic setup is possible in the security area and the established security partition doesn? appear in case of the general use and blind function which shows it after log-in is provided. The embedded exclusive management program in MemoRive PRO+ Series can easily setup the password as the partition separation.

Plug & Play
Plug and Play function which enables simple use in any computer environment is provided.

High Brightness LED
Operating state can be checked by the high brightness LED. (In case of the connection to the system, a light is turned on / in case of read and write, it twinkles)

AutoRun Function
AutoRun function in CD Rom is basically loaded in MemoRive PRO+ Series. It is not required to separately carry a partition and a cryptographic management program and the management program embedded in MemoRive PRO+ is set up in AutoRun so that it is automatically executed simultaneously with the system interlocking and appear in the tray. Moreover, it can load moving pictures and MP3 files and a user can not delete or change the loaded software at his/her option so that the effect of public relations can be maximized.

USB 2.0
The MemoRive PRO+ Series are in compliance with USB 2.0 standards. In comparison with USB 1.1 standards, it can use data much faster and it is designed to be suitable for MemoRive PRO+ Series with high capacity.

MemoRive USB is small.
It is smaller and lighter than any other USB Flash Disks. Even though 1mm doesn? mean big difference in a 50cm thick product but 1mm in a 5cm product is a big difference. It is very small so that MemoRive USB can be installed to the two USB Ports in a computer at the same time and in addition, in case of the installation to other USB products together, no special extension cable is required to be installed.
MemoRive USB is goods of superior quality In terms of size and color, it is enough to be used for the fancy purpose such as a key ring. MemoRive USB which is similar to the smallest pocket knife among the products made by Victorinox company which is famous for the MacGyver? knife is superior in design as well as utility.

MemoRive USB is simple
Such as all the USB Disks, because MemoRie USB uses the power supply of the USB Port, separate power supply is not necessary to carry and battery changes are not required. In addition, Different from other USB Disks, it is small enough to be installed to any USB Ports with other USB devices so that an extension cable or a USB HUB is not required to be carried. Furthermore, in case of use, the PnP function which is recognized upon installation enables users to use MemoRive USB without special knowledge about the device.
MemoRive USB is simple not only in the aspects of shape and design but also in function and utility.

It is the fact that everyone knows how difficult it is to preserve his own operation and the confidential documents of the company in a hard disk. If you use them for only working and presentation after storage in MemoRive USB, much stronger security function than other security function can be acquired. Nobody can approach Memorive USB which is not connected to a computer.
In addition, internal software lock function prevents documents from any approach when missing.

In recent, a simple document easily exceeds 1MByte. But how can you carry it storing in a heavy notebook? It is too heavy to save in a floppy diskette and is small to save in a CD as well as buying a CD Brenner and a new CD and saving a file is very troublesome.
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